General Contracting

Kittrell Jensen has successfully completed a wide array of project types. These project types include: retail, office buildings, flex office warehouse, restaurants, taverns, medical facilities, schools, as well as large and small tenant improvements.

Construction Management

  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Thoroughness and follow-up

Kittrell Jensen effectively provides the necessary leadership, administration and management to ensure a successful project. Kittrell Jensen Contractors is adept at working with our building partners through every phase of a project (planning, design and construction) with a desire to further the interests of our clients. We are very thorough on all aspects of the project and follow-up with our clients to make sure all their needs and expectations are met.

Design Assist Build

Increasingly, many owners are utilizing the design assist/build process. Owners have realized the value of having a contractor involved in the design process to efficiently influence the design and effectively manage the costs. Kittrell Jensen Contractors participates in the overall architectural, engineering, and design of a project which increases the value to the owner. Kittrell Contractors supervises the bidding, contracting, building, and inspection from the beginning to the end of the project.

Competitive Pricing

  • Skilled estimating
  • Secure responsible and competitive subcontractors
  • Responsible and fair fees

The process requires skilled estimating, securing of responsible and competitive subcontractors and establishing responsible and fair fees. We are proficient, competitive and knowledgeable of the dynamic market conditions positioning us to secure the best subcontractor pricing to give our customers the best value.


  • Expert design review
  • Provide savings
  • Ensure quality

Kittrell Jensen Contractors’ experience with this design review process is one of the ways we can increase our customer’s value. Value engineering involves critical evaluations of the many elements of a building to determine if there are other products or systems that provide savings while ensuring quality. Kittrell Jensen Contractors will also examine the projected costs of materials and construction operation and will establish rational and efficient procedures for field execution as part of the value engineering evaluation.

Pre-construction Services

Kittrell Jensen Contractors believes in comprehensive pre-construction planning. Utilizing our expertise, we bring together the construction project team, the owner, architect, consultants and major subcontractors to discuss effective strategies for:

  • Communication
  • Site layout and conditions
  • Value engineering
  • Constructability
  • Cost evaluation
  • Schedules
  • Procurement of long lead time items
  • Plans for safety, quality control and testing
  • Design assist


  • Trust
  • Honesty

The relationships Kittrell Jensen have established with owners, consultants and subcontractors have earned them a respect that they are determined to uphold. Kittrell Jensen understands how hard it is to gain someone’s trust, and how easily it can be lost. Kittrell Jensen emphasizes maintaining the lines of communication to help everyone understand each other’s issues and concerns. This approach has created solid partnerships, resulting in a high degree of client satisfaction.