Justin Kittrell, MBA

Justin KittrellJustin is a native of Las Vegas and has been involved in the construction industry his entire life. The son of an architect and entrepreneur, Justin has lived and understands the many perspectives of construction and has developed the ability to align his approach with the goals and values of the Owner and Architect to create successful projects.

Justin has a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. The experience he gained building surgery centers while with Kitchell Contractors and the restaurants, retail centers, industrial, and school projects he built while with Brooks Corporation gives him a well-rounded approach to his projects and clients. Working with a wide array of client types with all different priorities, Justin is able to identify and focus on the client’s top priorities throughout the project, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Justin is a firm believer in being forth-right and honest. Justin takes pride in every project because they are a direct reflection of his work ethic and family name. He believes many of the relationships he has built are largely because he simply believes in doing the right thing.

Ron Jensen

Ron JensenRon has been building in the Las Vegas Valley for the last 18 years of his 40 years in the Construction industry. He got his start in home building and then moved on to industrial projects for the early part of his career. The last 30 years have been spent involved in all types of commercial construction from schools, big box retail, restaurants, shopping centers, auto dealerships, medical, detention centers, onsite/offsite dirt work, and all types of utilities, to tenant improvements. This experience in a vast variety of construction culminates a well-rounded knowledge in all aspects of commercial construction.

With Ron getting his start in a small city, he learned very quickly that his actions and accountability were a huge factor in earning respect from not only owners, but architects, subcontractors and inspectors; thus resulting in many strong relationships throughout the years. These strong relationships have lead to many projects with the same team of owners and architects. Throughout the years and many challenging projects, Ron is an expert at coordinating all aspects of the project including:

  • Comprehensive and OSHA compliant safety plans
  • Material procurement and logistics creating effective and efficient schedules
  • Proactively planning and flushing out potential problems before they have a chance to impact the schedule or budget
  • Collaborating with all parties involved in the project to align all efforts towards a common goal

This approach has enabled Ron, clients and architects to take projects from the planning phase to the finished product usually ahead of schedule with a top-quality finished product.

Now in a slightly different role as partner of Kittrell Jensen Contractors, Ron’s passion is even stronger to build on the relationships he has and develop new relationships. By doing so, Ron understands it takes bringing everyone involved with the project together – which makes for a very successful project everyone can be proud of. In this industry, Ron thinks that means a lot – that at the end of the day everyone can walk away and proudly say,” I was part of that project,” from the owner to the final cleaning crew.