Built On Relationships

About Kittrell Jensen

Kittrell Jensen Contractors was formed from of unexpected circumstances in an uncertain time in the industry. Ron Jensen and Justin Kittrell were both a part of a very successful, reputable construction firm led by the late Brooks Williams. Brooks was in his fifth year of his own “Brooks Corporation General Contractors” when he and his wife Diane were tragically killed when his plane crashed in Colorado September 18, 2008. Brooks was a man of integrity who believed that our industry is not about building buildings, but rather building strong relationships and a reputation found on trust.

Brooks Corporation had revenue exceeding $28 million in 2008. Brooks entrusted Ron and Justin not only to completely manage the projects, but also empowered them to make all decisions impacting the project cost, risk, schedule and safety management. (See our photo gallery to view these projects).

At the time of the death of Brooks and Diane, Brooks Corporation had three projects under construction – totaling over $5 million. Ron, Justin and Brooks Corp. staff saw these projects through to completion and wrapped up Brooks Corporation’s operations all while starting up their own company known today as Kittrell Jensen Contractors. We view ourselves as an extension of Brooks Corporation, carrying on Brook’s culture, values and overall operations. We continue to provide value to our customers while developing strong relationships.

Kittrell Jensen Contractors has been able to keep many of the relationships from Brooks Corporation and transform them into the foundation of relationships and trust that Kittrell Jensen is built from. Since our inception, we have been able to keep Brook’s philosophy alive through forging and developing new, long-lasting relationships and will continue to build relationships through trust and integrity.

Kittrell Jensen has also had the flexibility to shift and change with the market the last few years. With the majority of Brooks Corporation’s work consisting of sizable ground-up developments, Kittrell Jensen has been able to adapt to be very competitive in the tenant improvement market as well as ground-up construction.

So although the name “Kittrell Jensen Contractors” may be new to the scene, Justin Kittrell and Ron Jensen are experienced, knowledgeable and widely known and respected throughout the local construction market.